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Download 4901 protein structures predicted for Giardia duodenalis, protein-ligand complexes, and structural homology information


Term Definitions

AA_%IDPercentage amino acid identity between query and reference
C_scoreConvergence of simulated structures
C_sdError in C_score
Code_ChainClosest structural homologue in PDB (reference) database
Confidence_categoryConfidence in model (query) structure based on agreement between actual and predicted PFAM match status.
  • HiConf: Match_status = exactMatch and Exact_match_prediction >= 0.5
  • HiConf-like: Match_status = noMatch and Exact_match_prediction >= 0.5
  • LowerConf: Match_status = noMatch and Exact_match_prediction < 0.5
  • LowerConf-like: Match_status = exactMatch and Exact_match_prediction < 0.5
CovThree dimensional coverage of query structure relative to reference
Exact_match_predictionLikelihood of exactMatch between query and reference, output from random forest classifier
Length_ratioRatio of query peptide AA length to reference peptide AA length
MoleculeDescription of PDB reference molecule
RMSDRoot mean squared deviation in alpha carbon atoms between query and reference
RMSD_modelExpected RMSD
RMSD_model_sdError in RMSD_model
SpeciesSpecies encoding reference structure
SS_sdStandard deviation of secondary structure proportions (lower indicates greater complexity)
TMTemplate modeling score - describes overall goodness of fit between query and reference structures
TM_modelExpected TM score
TM_model_sdError in TM_model